It’s not OK


70% of 13-22 year olds have experienced cyberbullying – and that’s not OK.

Sadly, bullying isn’t anything new. Some people, for a myriad of reasons, find themselves being hurtful to others. The same is true of cyberbullying.

With so many opportunities to ‘publish’ our thoughts, these days bullying can move from the confines of the playground and into the spotlight of the Internet, for all to see. These hurtful messages can lead to sometimes quite devastating consequences. In many cases, it isn’t a simple matter of just ignoring it or going offline. Cyberbullying hurts and it’s time we all stopped and said, “IT’S NOT OK”.

The launch of KINSA’s new website, NobodyStandsAlone, seeks to help teens, parents and educators combat cyberbullying and change the way bullying is viewed. Once bullies were feared, some might even say revered. But enough is enough – it’s time to stand together to say it’s not OK and bullies won’t be tolerated. By associating the word ‘bully’ with something so abhorrent you’d be horrified to be labeled that, perhaps we might finally turn the tide on this age-old tactic.

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