The Facts

silloutte-antibullyingCyberbullying is any form of online or cellphone communication that harasses, threatens or embarrasses someone else. The act of cyberbullying can vary from forwarding private messages, videos or pictures that the other person feels is cruel, to setting up false identities on social networking sites.

Sadly, when it comes to cyberbullying, you are not alone; in some areas, up to 70% of 13-22 year olds reported having been bullied online and worse, almost 50% have reported to have bullied someone at least once. Don’t be part of the problem; by being on this site you’re already taking the right steps to being part of the solution. 



The facts leave no doubt. Cyberbullying is a big problem. Have a look at these stats to be part of the solution.

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What is it?

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to intimidate, hurt, or humiliate. Learn about the different types.

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Generally it's about the bully's issues; rarely is it about the victim. If you know the cause you can take back control.

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The Law

Laws apply whether offences are committed in the real world or in cyberspace. Some cyberbullying acts are illegal.

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