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The NobodyStandsAlone campaign is a strategic initiative of Abuse Hurts

Who We Are

The NobodyStandsAlone campaign is a strategic initiative of Abuse Hurts. Abuse Hurts would like to thank KINSA (Kids Internet Safety Alliance) for their years of hard work on the NobodyStandsAlone campaign and for trusting us with continuing what they began in an effort to reduce the incidence and impact of cyberbullying through education and awareness.

An Expanding Global Footprint

Abuse Hurts is registered charity dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of abuse through education, awareness and advocacy. Through education/training, leadership and collaboration, Abuse Hurts assists approximately 100,000 women and children (and men) each year through 100 agencies, including police, shelters, and other abuse-related organizations.

It is through this second pillar of proactive education and advocacy that the NobodyStandsAlone program was developed by KINSA to combat cyberbullying. By providing up to date education and information to students, parents, and teachers, NobodyStandsAlone helps kids take back control. Abuse Hurts will continue this effort as well as provide helpful information and resources on other forms of bullying.

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Abuse Hurts is concerned that increasing violence and harm to children is facilitated by those who misuse information and communication technologies, and are partnering to raise awareness and deliver training and education in response to cyber bullying.

Abuse Hurts is proud to announce an amazing effort to change the impact of bullying in our communities and within our schools. Coordinated by musical artist, Andrew Cole, it involves the production and distribution of a song called “Do You Think I’m A Joke?” which features a number of music and film industry celebrities. The song created the opportunity for the creation of a documentary film about Andrew’s story and quest. More to come in early January 2018.