Fall brings new opportunities for bullies; stand-up against them

Now that summer has past, school brings new challenges for kids.  Bullies take advantage by seeking out new victims such as first year students or newly transferred students who came from other places.  Don’t let them make you a target, if they do, stand up to them.

Here are a couple of new initiatives launched over the late summer to look at.

An interactive video produced by the Government of Canada; #wordshurt.  Give it a try.

The Ontario Provincial Police launched a new app to help with how to manage situations when someone is asking you to send inappropriate pictures.  Using the app, you could send them one of the sample photos instead.  You get to laugh at and embarrass them as well as show them that you are not going to fall prey to their trickery.

Click here to learn about and download the free app.  Sendthisinstead.


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