Developers need to be more responsible

We are constantly disappointed and discouraged by developers who design mobile apps to make cyberbullying easier.  Why not develop apps to help minimize the issue rather than fuel it.  These apps encourage the use of digital devices to record and share “self-incriminating” stories or events purported  as humour.  What they don’t do is protect the users who were trying to have fun with the app from the trolls that choose to use it for purposes other than was intended.  They take the opportunity to be mean or exploitative causing undue harm for other app users.

The latest app to join this group is called “Awkward”.  It allows someone to post a 10 second video “confession” of something they may not normally have shared publicly.  The app gives you the ability to slightly blur your face while recording yourself using your phone’s video camera.

You can read about the app here.  There is a short YouTube video showing how it works here.

The website has a few more details about it here.

The app is only available for any iOS device ( iPhone, iPad etc.) currently (for now) .

This is a bad idea on many levels.  Please don’t use this app.



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