New Education Modules Launched to Combat Cyberbullying and Sexual Exploitation

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has recently launched two new modules for educators to help address the ever-growing issue of cyberbullying among teens.

According to the article below, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, who also operates, has seen a large increase in reports from young people in regard to sexual images or videos being created and shared over the Internet or through electronic devices.

As recent generations become more and more dependent on technology, it is comforting to know that educators have access to resources in order to combat the issues that arise due technology.

These two new modules have been designed for Grades 7/8, which focuses on reducing adolescent sexual exploitation and the results that this can have on youth, and Grades 9/10, which addresses the growing concern of sexual violence in youth relationships and among peer groups. Workbooks have been created to follow along with these modules in the hope that students will become engaged in the topic, making it more likely to make a difference.

Kids who are bullied in cyber-space (or anywhere) have problems with low self-esteem and are therefore more susceptible to other exploitation, including unwanted and illegal sexual advances on the internet. The link between cyberbullying, “sexting” and teen-on-teen sexual exploitation using internet-technologies is also an obvious, and growing trend.

KINSA and NobodyStandsAlone want to help put an end to both of these issues.

Read the full story on the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s new educational modules here.

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